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About Vasilios

Hi everyone and welcome to my website. The website is about everything related to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here I will personally provide you help with making the best lifestyle choices that will help, as well as guide you to discover that it is possible for you to live your best life now.

A Little Story About My Health And Fitness Journey

My health and fitness journey started when my first year of high school started. I had always had a big passion for sports, mainly hockey and soccer.

I had been skating, playing hockey and soccer since I started walking.

I had been through figure skating to help with my balance on the ice and played soccer in the summer to help develop my leg strength.

I had always been a very active person and played competitive sports which allowed me the opportunity to play in weekend tournaments.

By the time I started high school almost everyone had grown bigger and taller than me.

I was still one the fastest players on the soccer field or in the hockey arena, but at 4ft 9inches and 92lbs I felt I was losing my competitive advantage.

I also felt I was losing some of my passion for both sports as well.

That was a result of going through my parents divorce mixed in with some other family issues that were happening because of this as well.

I had started feeling lots of anxiety, was having panic attacks and started to feeling a little depressed.

I could feel all these circumstances trying to steal away my joy, happiness, passion and love for sports.

I had worked so hard developing my skills up until that point and my parents investing their time and money in me over the years for sports equipment, team registrations, tournament fees, early morning practices, late night games etc…

I was not willing to go down without a fight.


I heard a saying that went like this “it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s more about the size of the fight in the dog that counts”.

I was ready to tune into the voice of victory, to dig deep, reinvent myself and find my passion once again.

I started reading any book I could find on health, fitness and wondered what separated the champions of sport from the average athlete.

I knew that not only did I need to eat healthy and feed my body with the right foods, vitamins and supplements to achieve performing at my highest level.

But also needed to feed my mind the right things to have the best mindset that was capable of not just success for today but continued success for tomorrow.

I looked up to champions in their owns sports like Wayne Gretzky, Micheal Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mario Andretti and the one thing that separated them from everyone else was their mindset.

I read that you need to have the mindset of a champion before you can be a champion.

All throughout high school I researched all about the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle. Learning about what affects the mind affects the body and to have them both working together as one.

As someone once said that “a person who thinks they can and a person that thinks they can’t are both usually right”.

Eating the right foods, taking the right vitamins and supplements that would help me reach my maximum potential that would not trigger my anxiety or panic attacks was a daunting task, but I was up to the challenge.

I began thinking anyone can achieve their maximum potential if they are willing to put in the work.

As time went on I continued to be relentless in taking what I was learning and implementing them into my daily routines.

Starting eat the right foods, developed a workout program for success.

Feeding my mind with the programming that would help me reach my goals and dreams.

I was not afraid of failing either because continued to read success stories about people that failed their way to success.

Not just to go through the experience but to grow through the experience and become a better person on the other side.

Because I truly feel we are not learning and growing at are best when we are on the mountain top where it is all sunshine and rainbows.

It is through the failures and difficulties of life when you are working on your character and instead of saying I’m have a bad day let us learn to say we are having a character building day.

It is also were you gain the strength and confidence that you will need to succeed in life.

To not let these challenges of life make me bitter but better and allow them to shape us in great ways.

Through lots of trial and error I was able find out what foods worked best, what vitamins and supplements to take that would continue to help me achieve success in different areas.

By the end of high school and afterwards I grew 10in and put on 65lbs. I reinvented myself, gained my passion back and continued to become healthier in my mind and had success as an athlete.

I took all of these things and put them together in a package that guided me in life.

Guided me towards wining multiple team championships, repeated individual awards like top scorer, assists leader, points champion multiple times, most points in a game record, tournament MVP and the most 3 star selections in a season multiple times.

I was then selected to attend professional free agent showcase camp. I was then blessed to have been selected to sign a professional hockey contract.

I am now a licensed electrician and certified line person working for my cities transit system and still continue to have a passion for hockey.

I play for a tournament team based in Orlando Florida where I travel to a couple times a year to play tournaments with my fellow teammates.

This year I have registered for tryouts with Team Canada’s over 37 inline hockey team that will be playing in the inline hockey world cup in Germany.

Why I Want To Help People

I truly feel that in life if you have been blessed you should then being a blessing to others and give back where you are able too.

With everything that goes on in life it is very easy to lose our way or our focus. Everybody has a bad day, tough month or year.

But I feel that we need to be very careful that we do not let a season of loss or mourning turn into a lifetime of loss and mourning.

I was able to pull myself out of some really difficult times and come to the realization that the tough times did not come to stay they came to pass.

Sometimes people just feel like they need to make a change in certain areas but do not know where to turn or how to start. Or just need a little help to get started.

Of course, we will all continue to have challenges in life.

But I was able to get myself through some very difficult times through eating the right foods, exercise, taking the right vitamins and supplements and working on the mind to develop and growth mindset.

The Goal Of My Site

What i have learned along the way is that if it was possible then it is possible for anyone to achieve it to live their best life now.

I see it as my personal mission to help guide people into living a more active, healthier lifestyle that can get them living their life now.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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